The Springfields
By Bunkypunk

They're rude, crude, and obnoxious. They fuck cheap sluts, drink too much, and probably are the world's worst employees. That's why I fucking love this band. They're men after my own heart. With an ode to the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears, that is sure to make Justin Timberlake pee his virgin panties, The Springfields have put out an album punk rockers are sure to take note of. I sat down for a little email action with the young demi-gods of punk raunchiness and the result will make you laugh, cry, pound your fist, or if your lucky your fight or flight reflex will kick in and you'll run fast, no faster than that and not even read this ode to fast living known as an interview with THE SPRINGFIELDS.

E.C.: Who are some of the bands/people that influence your music?

Springfields: Rock and or roll in general, natty boh, oh, and who can discredit Ike Turner or the likes of Sunny and Cher.

E.C.: How long have you been together?

Springfields: Since the dawn of all creation.... or six years, witchever is easier.

E.C.: Who came up with the name and how did it come about?

Springfields: Curtis had a dream in which Jesus Christ himself came to him and said upon to him, thy shall inherit musical abiliteis and join a band. At that junction, a giant hole opened in the earth, and came forth Satan in the form of Rick Springfield, who promptly ate Jesus and named us accordingly.

E.C.: What inspired each of you to be in a punk band?

Chad Springfield: I wanted to get revenge on everybody who ,uh, who, uh, thought the stuff they saw on MTV or heard on the radio was punk. And that I wanted to show everyone that punk rock was not cool. And Natty Boh was my inspiration.

Cameron Springfield: I had to do something with my mohawk.

Curtis Springfield: A fat kids gotta do something with his time when hes not masturbating. And Natty Boh. And “The Ladies”

E.C.: Do any of you have any other outlets, such as writing, art, etc.?

Springfields: We type up interviews...

E.C.: How would you describe a live Springfields show?

Springfields: Def Leapord with eight combined arms. And lots and lots of Natty Boh.

E.C.: What has been the most outrageous thing that has happened to you as a band, either live, studio, or in general?

Springfields: The time we did a six moth stint with The Stones in December ‘72. That Mick, he does some outrageous shit.

E.C.: I got a chance to hang out with Chud and Michael Graves when they were in The Misfits and found them to be genuinely nice guys. You opened up for Graves during a tour recently, how was that?

Springfields: It was great, they were great guys. A good time was had by all. And Graves drank Natty Boh.

E.C.: Congratulations on being signed to VMS. How did you get signed? Did you send in a demo? Did they see you live?

Springfields: Adam saw us live. While he was watching us play, our inside operative kidnapped his stupid little dog. We later ransomed the stupid little dog for a record deal.

E.C.: From the songs on this album I see you guys as a fun loving band into the same things as me: dirty sluts, drinking natty bo, dating prissy daddy's girls, getting fired from shitty jobs, and a bit of philosophy (running through my mind) is this a good picture of the whole band or one mad genius inparticular?

Springfields: They have Natty Boh in Ohio?!

E.C.: If each of you could fight on celebrity boxing anyone you wanted who would you fight and why?

Chad Springfield: Dale Earndhart, Cause all Id have to do is kick his lifeless corpse all over the ring. And because he has a mustache. “YOU DONT WANT THE GUNS BABY!!!”

Cameron Springfield: Britney Spears, cause even if I lost i could probably still cop a couple cheap feels.

Curtis Springfield: Nobody, cause Im a lover not a fighter. But if I had to unleash the beast, Gary Coleman would catch an ass whuppin, cause hes little and I think I could take him.

E.C.: Who wouldn't you fight and why?

Chad Springfield: Michael Jackson, cause thats just fuckin gross. Who’d want to put their hands on a freak like that? And I dont think I could hit a girl.

Cameron Springfield: Cory Feldman, cause I wouldnt want to admit to getting my ass kicked by a washed up child actor.

Curtis Springfield: Anybody bigger than Gary Coleman, cause I think they would probably kick my ass.

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